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High quality centrefeed rolls which have been manufactured in the UK.Excellent for drying, dusting and wiping.Key Points:Embossed.2ply.Longer Length - 150 metres...
Inc VAT: £15.00
An essential, cost-effective and popular choice of hand towel.Suitable for basic drying requirements.Key Points:C FoldGreen250mm x 217mm1 ply.Batch quantity - 2880..
Inc VAT: £20.10
High quality 20" wide Couch Rolls which have been manufactured in the UK by a CHSA accredited supplier.Widely used in hospitals, schools, GP's and beauty salons. We can supply in batches of 6 - please speak to a member of our team.Key Points:Flat.Each roll individually wrapped.2ply.White...
Inc VAT: £33.00
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